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As Human Resources experts we take great pride in developing strong relationships with our clients and their employees. When conflict arises within a workplace it is important to have clarity of roles to ensure there are no conflicts or perception of conflicts. The resolvers of conflict, whether investigators or mediators need to be neutral and unbiased. The relationships we develop in our role of providing HR services can be seen as an obstacle to neutrality. That is why we have decided to partner with Benard + Associates Inc., who are the leading experts in understanding the root cause of workplace issues through a variety of processes such as investigations, assessments, and mediation.

Dean BenardBenard + Associates Inc. specialize in workplace conflict resolution services. They have conducted investigations into allegations of harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination of all kinds, and violence in the workplace. In addition, they conduct workplace assessments that take a neutral and unbiased look at what id functioning well and not so well in an organization or a team within an organization.

Dean Benard and his team of highly trusted and respected professionals in the field and have delivered effective solutions to their clients in a wide variety of industries for over 17 years. All investigators, on top of their various certifications in investigations, are licensed private investigators. In terms of mediation, Dean Benard has been a Chartered Mediator with Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada for close to 20 years and all his mediation staff are designated Qualified Mediators from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario. H2R Business Solutions is very proud to partner with Benard + Associates Inc. to provide exceptional, integrated services to our clients.

In addition to the investigation and mediation services they offer, Benard + Associates also provides educational programs on investigations and conflict resolution. They have standard educational offerings on these subjects and Dean Benard can develop customized programs for organizations to help provide engaging educational programs for leaders and staff.

To learn more about Benard + Associates Inc, please visit their website.

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