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Heather Hughes – Divisional Human Resources Business Partner

“David’s Bridal is very lucky to have such great partnership with H2R Business Solutions Inc.,”  Michelle Bilodeau, is always accessible and a wealth of knowledge for every unique situation that occurs especially navigating through COVID-19.  H2R Business Solutions Inc. focuses on both the strategic and tactical initiatives impacting employers of today.  The monthly webinars Jill Zappitelli hosts for her clients give us solutions impacting our Team Members.  H2R Business Solutions Inc. really cares and wants to know how they can help us improve our business and ensure we create a best place to work.  I didn’t have a depth of knowledge when taking on Canada but with Michelle’s help as teacher and guide I feel as thought H2R is an extension of David’s Bridal.

Thank you Michelle and Jill for always giving us your support!!

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Jeff Emrich – VP & Executive Director, Kitchener Ranger Hockey Club

“The Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club conducted an executive search and job posting to succeed their position of Chief Operating Officer. As a non for profit organization, it was imperative to the hiring committee to include a 3rd party human resources professional. The committee was referred to a few firms and ultimately decided to work with Jill & her team at H2R. From the beginning H2R drove the process from a structure and organizational perspective. This allowed the committee to focus on the core competencies for the position and really work through analyzing the merits of the candidates while H2R handled the logistics. Jill was instrumental in providing perspective to details every step of the way.”

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Pamela Krauss – Partner

I met Jill Zappitelli when she was employed as a Human Resources Generalist in or around 2009. I was impressed with her tenacity and get it done approach to everything put in front of her.  Jill embodies passion, exceptional organizational skills, resourcefulness, and strong determination to succeed.  After a few years of knowing Jill I was convinced she start her own HR Consulting business in the Waterloo Region as she had the natural ability to lead and I could see a growing market for such services in our community.  I was pleased when she informed me she was starting up a HR consulting business named H2R Business Solutions.

As an employment lawyer I have a deep respect for good HR Professionals; they need to have solid interpersonal and analytical skills to effectively solve difficult situations in today’s workplaces.  I have also appreciate that good HR practices are necessary for a modern business to thrive but many of the businesses in our community are not large enough to employ full time HR professionals.  Jill’s entrepreneurism in HR betters our community as it allows local small businesses to access necessary HR advice to ensure their work force thrives and difficult workplace issues are properly addressed.

I often refer my employer clients to Jill for HR audits, resolution of HR compliance issues and recruitment.  My partnership, Morrison Reist Krauss LLP, has also had the pleasure of being a client of H2R Business Solutions.  Jill is a natural entrepreneur and I cannot think of someone I know more deserving of recognition for her success in her efforts to better equip our community’s businesses for success.

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Paul Donald – CEO

Rick Gregorio – COO

On behalf of everyone at Encircle I wanted to send you a huge thank you for your support in 2019. You and your team made an immense impact at Encircle! Our partnership started with the basic HR and training policies but the H2R team was able to adapt to your changing needs. You were always there to support Encircle and made us feel like your number 1 customer. H2R played a pivotal role at this stage of Encircle’s growth and we are grateful! for their support.

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Maita Garcia – Personalleiterin / HR Director, Bessey Tools, Germany

BESSEY Tools is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional hand tools. BESSEY is a strong brand, based on many years of innovation and quality. The BESSEY headquarter is situated in southern Germany.   Our Canadian location is Cambridge, ON.

In the last fast growing years, the H2R team has been an invaluable asset to BESSEY as our HR Consultants. They have provided us with a diversity of HR services, including: support and guidance with recruitment and hiring, daily operational support, payroll, respectful workplace investigations and general and specific advice and support on a wide range of topics.

In particular, Ashley’s commitment and professionalism with her emotional intelligence ensures that employees and management are well supported.

We recommend H2R as a strong, professional and reliable business partner on your side.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen



Gerrit Nagelhout – CEO

As a fast-growing Scaleup, Aterlo Networks provides innovative networking solutions to help Internet Service Providers deliver exceptional experiences to their subscribers. When we went beyond the initial founding team and needed to start taking HR seriously, we hired Jill and the H2R Team to take care of our HR responsibilities. The H2R team was instrumental in our transition from Startup to Scaleup. H2R was able to meet all our needs, while at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. The H2R Team has truly proven to be a great asset to our company, they have always been available, professional and a pleasure to work with at each stage of our business growth.

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Neena Gupta – Partner

“Jill has grown her company rapidly. She started as a self-employed professional and now owns and operates a thriving HR consulting business that handles everything from hiring to retirement (hence H2R). Her company handles some of the most complex and delicate HR issues, including allegations of harassment and bullying, the enforcement of COVID-19 protocols and difficult terminations. She has attracted some of the best HR professionals in the area to H2R, which is a testament to her leadership skills.

Jill and I have collaborated in good times and bad times. Hot Topics in HR, an extremely popular ½ day HR seminar open to anyone in the HR industry, attracts HR professionals across Southwestern Ontario. Jill’s gentle persistence, organizational skills, good humour and high energy ensures that things get done. This was extremely noticeable in 2020, when I was less than enthusiastic about transferring the session to an online Zoom format. Our 2020 Hot Topics in HR attracted over 350 zoom attendees to rave reviews.

Jill and her team have a superb reputation in Waterloo-Wellington. Her team supports some of the most dynamic and fast-growing tech companies in our region. Most growth companies cannot afford a full-time HR team and Jill’s company fills that important gap. “

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Jamie Saunders – General Manager

From its inception in 2009, Latitude Air Ambulance has continued its journey worldwide, repatriating patients home to their families and loved ones. As we grow, Latitude’s needs have been ever changing, including the addition of new aircraft and team members to each department. In 2019 we joined forces with H2R to meet the challenges that can arise with such growth. H2R has been instrumental in our success. From personnel interviews for recruitment, company policy development and improvements, legislative requirements to employee discipline, H2R has guided us in our decision making processes. Most recently H2R has proven themselves a leader in COVID 19 policy development, ensuring that we had the most up to date information from Government, CRA, employment lawyers and Health and Safety representatives. H2R has been and continues to be a welcome addition to the continued success of Latitude Air Ambulance.

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Don Zehr – CEO, Zehr Group

“As the owner of a growing company – The Zehr Group, my employees are my greatest assets and I wanted to be sure that I was putting them first and providing them with the support they needed. Jill Zappitelli has been our HR Partner. I know that I can trust her – and that’s important for any business owner. Jill has a strong sense of urgency and has always been quick to respond to issues and concerns. Jill is on site with our employees and leaders once a week. Jill operates from a place of integrity and authenticity. She’s someone I can depend on and I look forward to a continued partnership with Jill and her team”.

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Joseph Fung – Co-Founder & CEO

Donna Litt – COO

As a fast moving and early stage tech company, our HR needs are dynamic and unpredictable. We needed a partner who understands this. Jill and her team are that partner. They meet us where we are— whether that’s adapting to our shifting business priorities or adopting our tech stack to make communication seamless, they roll up their sleeves and jump in. Initially, we brought them on to help improve our efficiency and increase bandwidth, but their suite of professionals and range of skills has turned them into an accelerator. From helping us keep up with growing hiring demands, to designing and delivering training to help us better support our customers, the team at H2R is helping us grow with best practices and process efficiency baked in.


Chris Pidgeon – President

As GSP Group continues to grow, we have been challenged to keep up with human resource issues, including day to day employee considerations and the creation of an updated employee handbook to reflect current and ever changing legislation, policies and practices. With the help of Jill, Michelle and the rest of the H2R Team, we were able to tackle an update to our 10-year old employee handbook. Through their guidance and direction, we created an up to date document that we feel reflects the values and mission of our company – and the H2R Team helped us present the new document to staff in a collaborative and positive forum.

The H2R Team continues to help us refine and enhance our current business culture and practice through the implementation of an employee satisfaction survey and employee focus groups – it is our hope that the feedback and information obtained will further guide future business decisions and assist us in maintaining a high level of employee work place satisfaction.

Finally, the H2R Team continues to provides us with day to day human resource and employee management services on an as-needed basis, and have always been quick, compassionate and authentic in their direction, advice and approach. The size of our business does not demand a full time HR Manager, so having the expertise of the H2R Team has been extremely helpful to us over the past couple of years. We are so happy we sought out their services and have now established such a wonderful working relationship with the H2R Team.

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Robb Brohman – Owner, Conestogo Electric

“Jill demonstrates class (a universal definition is attached) in the operation of her well-known company, H2R Business Solutions Inc.  Jill uses tireless effort as her compass to guide and serve her client base as well as all her staff who participate with her daily.  Her vast knowledge in her field of expertise is extensive.  As an entrepreneur, she is forever researching and upgrading her knowledge base daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

We were introduced some four or so years ago and had an instant connection as to how our introduction could benefit both of our corporations and also share the lighter side of life in the process.  The business environment today has put us all in very likely the most demanding time we have seen in modern history, and Jill navigates this with great skill.  Jill is a tireless, positive leader in practical and considerate advice to all with whom she interacts.”

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John Weir – Managing Director

“As the Managing Director at the law firm of McCarter Grespan Beynon Weir we have almost doubled in size and revenue in the last 5 years. With that growth came the need for more professional HR support but our size did not justify a full time person in the role. Hiring Jill to fill the need on a part time basis was a great decision. Our staff really appreciated our commitment to their well being and immediately embraced Jill. We couldn’t have made a better strategic decision.”

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Paul Attwood, Partner – Orchard Design Studio Inc.

“One of the challenges of operating a growing business is keeping up with Human Resource issues. Our business grew by focusing on what we are good at. Eventually the day came along that we realized we weren’t a small company anymore and we were under- prepared for the more challenging HR issues larger businesses encounter. When that day came, we were fortunate to have Jill and her expertise help us navigate through our challenges. Additionally, Jill helped us evaluate our entire HR operations and ramp them up to where they needed to be for a company our size. Orchard Design Studio is still not big enough to have a full time HR Manager on staff, so Jill’s on-demand services is a great fit for our business.”

Remax Twin City Reality Inc.

Kay Hoshoian – Broker/Manager

“Jill and her colleagues at H2R Business Solutions were a perfect solution for our organization at RE/MAX Twin City. When I joined the management team, we had very little structure in place. Jill helped create and implement an Employee Handbook, Job Descriptions, Pay Evaluation Systems and conducted an employee feedback process. She has consulted us on Employment Standards compliance to ensure that we’re on the right path. We are truly impressed with creation, partnership and execution of the individual pieces. Now, when I need some assistance, I just pick up the phone or request a meeting. We are a much better organization as a result of Jill and H2R’s solid work. We have been very impressed with the level of knowledge, expertise and attention to detail, especially in the complex world of compliance and HR which H2R thrives. I would strongly recommend Jill and H2R to any organization needing outsourced HR or ongoing HR support”.

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Mona Balea –K-W Bilingual School Principal

We’re a not-for-profit business with 40 employees, and we found that managing our HR was increasingly challenging. We needed support, and H2R provided exactly the kind of professional expertise we were looking for. The H2R team has been flexible to our needs and always provides immediate support when we need it. Their team worked closely with ours, helping us conduct a workplace investigation and review our employment contacts.

Thanks to the support and professionalism of H2R, we are now managing our HR with confidence and great results

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Matt Bielek – President

Just wanted to thank the H2R team for these kinds of emails. We’re a very small business but growing. 4 employees at the moment and still finishing a relocation. We wouldn’t have time or resources to do this kind of thing on our own but having this type of information flow in from our beloved outsourced HR really means a lot. I can tell you that “how long until we have to hire our own HR staff” has turned into “do we ever have to hire our own HR staff? Because we really love H2R.

Joseph & Co.


Amichai Tsarfati, CPA,CA – Vice President

“Our company operates in a dynamic and rapidly changing business environment with many factors that have direct impacts on our operations which are out of our direct control. We have successfully managed these challenges over the past century through innovation and employing great people to help us navigate these challenges. Jill and her team at H2R have been an integral part of our team’s success to ensure that we are not only able to attract and retain the talent that we need to meet our customer’s needs, but they also have taken the time to understand our core values and incorporate them with their human resource consulting work. Working with H2R has given us the ability to not only be the recycler of choice in the Waterloo Region, but also the employer of choice for the talent that we need.”

Some of Our Happy H2R Clients

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