H2R’s Recruiting Team
Your Partner in Finding the Best Talent

Your H2R Recruiting team offers comprehensive recruitment services and is currently hiring for various positions on behalf of our valued clients.

H2R’s Recruiting Team

Our highly skilled and dedicated specialists are experts in the field of recruitment, with a proven track record of delivering outstanding results. With a deep understanding of our clients’ hiring needs and a commitment to finding the right candidates, we are the go-to choice for organizations looking to build their dream team. We partner with you to support your business’s hiring needs with our personalized recruitment services.

As the Head of Recruitment Services at H2R Business Solutions, Sue Benoit brings over 20 years of experience in talent acquisition in the Waterloo Region helping our clients attract and retain top talent. With her extensive expertise in identifying the right candidates and executing effective recruitment strategies, Sue ensures that H2R’s clients are able to access the best talent for their specific needs.  View Sue Benoit’s Linked IN Profile

Sue Ten Eyck is a seasoned Recruitment Specialist at H2R Business Solutions with over 20 years of experience in talent acquisition. Through her strategic approach to recruitment and deep understanding of diverse industries, Sue delivers customized solutions that enable H2R’s clients to access top-tier talent that fits their unique requirements. View Sue Ten Eyck’s Linked IN Profile

Lisa Marino is a Recruitment Specialist who is passionate about connecting people with great career opportunities .  Lisa believes in taking a holistic approach to the talent acquisition function, applying practical and solid processes to support her clients in finding great talent. With over 15 years of experience recruiting in the Waterloo region for local Tech companies, Lisa is a true champion of the local startup community  and known for her track record in attracting and retaining engineering talent . In addition, she has experience in a variety of HR roles and has extensive experience hiring international talent for global teams.  View Lisa’s Linked IN Profile