Alline Fekete (She/Her)

Human Resources Project Specialist

Alline is a Human Resources Projects Specialist who has a combination of duties including a variety of high-level operations and projects, behind the scenes HR work, extensive customer service, training and development, and an innate sense for adapting to an independent or team-oriented environment. Working with a diverse group of people over the years, Alline has sharpened her interpersonal and communication skills. Alline is passionate about supporting employees to achieve the most of their needs while bringing value to the company.

Alline has been overseeing operational activities at every level over her career at H2R. Currently she is managing the administrative team and looking for ways to engage the team and make the workplace more effective and efficient. Alline is also part of the H2R Learning Academy Team, helping with the development of new online trainings. Alline is aiming to create thoughtful and engaging content for our training platform to help our client needs.

Alline holds a Bachelor Degree in Human Resources Administration from Brazil and also a Post-Graduation Certification from Conestoga College.

When Alline isn’t working, she loves spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys biking, stand up paddleboard, snowboarding and traveling to new places.